Are you noticing feelings of loss, grief or disappointment with circumstances in your

life or the world? Do you feel disconnected from yourself,Source, or loved ones? From nature?

We’ve all been fooled into the idea that we aren’t part of nature. Most people living in the industrialized world spend the majority of their lives indoors, we often buy packaged, prepared food with no awareness of where it originated.

Increased connection to one another through fast growing technology gives us wonderful opportunities to communicate globally and locally, but often leaves us feeling overwhelmed.

Feelings of loss, discontentment and disconnection can, at least in part, be traced to a fundamental disconnection from our roots. We have exiled ourselves from our Mother Earth.

Although she is always with us.

We live as if we are alone.

Nature’s essence runs through everything. It is capable of communicating with us, but we don’t always choose to listen.

Sometimes, earth-shattering cases, like a tsunami, get us to listen, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We don’t have to wait for devastation to tune in and reconnect.

It’s increasingly important for us to learn to listen. The evolutionary stage we are going through, people need to return to what I call the “Core Heart,” this connected place with nature–a co-creative place where we are listening for guidance and following what we hear.

With the help of Nature through the Animals and Plants, I create a forum for you to feel, know and experience your connection to yourself and all things.  Nature brings balance to thoughts and feelings releasing your true nature  and radiance, the inherent Joy and freedom within.

When you reconnect and access your natural state, even through imagery, you start to feel the energy of the Earth, nature’s beauty, the feeling of the Earth beneath your feet.

This is not a passive acceptance, but a grateful acknowledgment of both the Shadows and the Light. When you feel out of sync, in fear, doubt or confusion, Core Heart Awareness helps you move directly into those feelings so you can experience the gifts they bring, easily and immediately.

These sessions help Re-Awaken the Heart’s Natural Love

so you begin to remember what makes your heart sing!

Connect with the Animals or Trees to help you find your buried treasure, the jewel inside that leads to lasting happiness and the gold nuggets of super-abundance and Joy.

Messages from the Animals–from the days of the pre-colonial  Native American culture, people have turned to Animals for wisdom to inform their own lives. This three part reading invites three animals to “speak” to you and guide you on your journey. Through intuition and deep listening, I access the animal wisdom that is available to you. People who engage this process find a greater sense of peace, understanding and acceptance for themselves and their circumstances. Core Awareness allows you to step out of the chaos in your head and back the heart’s knowing to get clear direction and energy to move forward.

Animal Readings Now Available!

Core Awareness Consultation ~ $77 

One Animal ~ 55 Minutes

This session can help you gain clarity on a specific life challenge, or simply open to the abundant healing that Nature offers.

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Core Awareness Animal Balance Package ~ $197

3 Animals ~ 45 Minutes Each

The Animal Balance Package includes 3 Awareness consultations to move from Confusion, through Balance to Direct Action. These three animals also represent Being, Knowing and Creating , covering the major challenges in the restoration of a balanced life.

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Core Awareness Deep Roots Package ~ $247

5 Animals ~ 45 Minutes Each

The Deep Roots package includes 5 Awareness consultations. In addition to 3 Balance Animals, two more Animals take you deeper into the inner wisdom you may not have recognized in yourself into your unique Truth, the taproot of personal consciousness.

Big Bonus!!!  For a limited time I’m offering with this package the support of the Celtic Tree Ogham on Rebirthing Your Life in Peace, Harmony, Health and Prosperity for the Highest Good – this reading will briefly introduce 15 trees and guidance for rebirthing your life based on your Core identity. Three Celtic symbols will be shared in each of the 5 sessions. The Celtic Tree Ogham is a $297 value.

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All packages are self-paced so they will fit with your schedule. I suggest meeting from once a week to once or twice a month. You can use the Time Driver link below to choose the best time for you.

Once you make your payment above, schedule your first session using the Time Driver link here:  Click here to set up your appointment.

You may email with any questions.

Email me if a monthly payment plan suits you better!

Feeling stuck? Can’t decide?

Benefits of Core Heart Awareness include

  • Enhanced ability to make decisions
  • Develop self-trust and inner knowing
  • Mental clarity, calmness, focus and steadfastness in adversity.
  • Get unstuck and into action
  • Immediately shift out of afflictive emotions
  • Develop a greater sense of your personal mission and soul purpose
  • Attunement to Nature and a sense of connection
  • Physical pain reduction, strength and ease of motion

Additional Benefits of Core Heart Awareness

  • Brings wholeness, Self-assurance and recognition of progress on your path and gentle guidance when you stray into periods of confusion
  • Encourages deep healing, insight and meaning to emerge as you notice connections and synchronicity in your life
  • Draws strength and endurance from the infinite Source
  • Awakens the awe, wonder and Innocence of the Child Heart that opens you to your true unique creative genius.
  • Bursting joy and deep intuition

How does it work?

Nature holds the quality of inherent balance. Humans have the inherent gift of Free Choice. When we access the natural world through the gift of free choice we can awaken that balance in ourselves because we are a part of Nature.

The Animals and Trees each carry a unique message, frequency and meaning that can be accessed deep in the Core Heart. By connecting with the archetypal wisdom of Nature and by listening deeply we honor Spirit and Nature. This sheds light on the inner environment bringing clarity to confusion, balance to chaos and greater strength where there was weakness.

What do the animals have to say to you? What do the trees have to say? In our hustle-bustle, urban, electronic world, we rarely have the opportunity to just get quiet, to go inside, to be outside, to connect with the wisdom in nature, to feel our feet in the grass, these are essential parts of being alive and being human. When we get too far away from this, we feel stress.

Wherever you live, whatever the conditions, there is a place inside where you can connect to these energies. Native Americans and other earth-based cultures have known for centuries that the natural world informs us and brings messages and insights to help us comprehend our lives.

To remember

Is to join the club

Of Who You Are

All over again

Remember, nothing is lost

Are you feeling scattered?


It is time to invite back

The forgotten parts

Into One



Come home

To the Core Heart

And remember

Why you came here

It can be


~David Wodtke

May 10, 2010

Awakening The Heart’s Natural Love