• Are you feeling uncertain and discontent?
  • Uncomfortable with what’s going on in your life and in the world?
  • Is there a recurring sense of loss and deep grief for the world?
  • Do you feel vulnerable or disconnected from your source?
  • Are you in a major life transition or just a little out of sync?
  • Maybe your life feels out of control or just lacks meaning?
  • Are you afraid to change direction or not sure which way to turn?

My Dear One,

You’re not alone! I know just how you feel!

In 2001 I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I had always been healthy and wondered why that would happen to me. I began to look at my life differently and search for my deeper mission and purpose.

During my healing from that major illness I opened to my environment on new levels. One day in 2004 while walking up the hill near my work I came face to face with a bobcat holding a large snake in its mouth and felt a strong current of healing energy while looking into its eyes. These animals send a powerful message of heart-awakening and inner knowing. They helped me to understand the secrets I kept from myself and to access the healing that flows easily in the inner silence.

From that point forward I began to observe the animals and all of nature in a new way.

Later I was terminated abruptly from my job without noticed due to economic conditions even though I was busy, productive and good at what I did. I felt an odd combination of fear, anger and freedom to move on with my life.

I find that being completely present with nature helps me connect to my core with a new sense of innocence and wonder that is electric! As I contemplate the animals that come into my environment I feel a new sense of assurance and strength. In my morning journal I ask the animals about my concerns and a wisdom wells up inside that just has to be shared.

Earth Service was created at the Spring Equinox of 2008 as a way to share these messages freely. Join the Earth Service Tribe to receive transformational animal messages from Whale, Spider, Deer and Swan over the next 13 days, and more!

These Animal messages will help you change anything by becoming more present, connecting to your source, and moving into direct action from the heart.  You will also begin to receive the Animal Balance Journal, my Animal readings for each month on the full moon.


Visit the Earth Services page to learn more about Core Heart Awareness and to see individual services. Core Awareness is about paying attention, bringing yourself to yourself. Where awareness goes energy flows and when we bring awareness to the Core Heart we begin to purify the ancient wound of separation as we Re-Awaken our True Self, embody our uniqueness and release the Heart’s Natural Love, a powerful force for change.

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My book page has information about Waking the Blue-Green Dragon: Reveal the Self, Heal the Earth, a work in progress.


Awakening The Heart’s Natural Love