I am Pine Tree.

I am also known as David Wodtke. I enjoy many roles in Life: Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Musician, Gardener and Philosopher/Poet among others.

The name Pine Tree was given to me by a Native American man from Taos Pueblo during our time working together as tree planters in the mountains of Northern New Mexico. It seemed to fit. I always love the way I begin to lighten up and relax hiking in the woods or sitting under a tree. Trees connect the Earth and Sky while grounding, transmuting and uplifting Human emotion.

I also enJoy working and playing in the garden with the plants, playing music on my bassoon or wooden flute, meditating or sitting and writing as I am now in the early morning with my cat, Luna, purring on my lap. I call her my little bobcat because it was an encounter with an actual bobcat that reawakened my interest and connection with the healing gifts of the animals. This is how Animal Balance and the other animal writings originated.


Awakening The Heart’s Natural Love