watercolor_dragon_spray_V2Waking the Blue-Green Dragon: Heal Your Self, Heal the Earth


Blue Green Sphere

We thought was flat

How many more dimensions

Have we been blind to?

Flying fast bird of the Hopi

Where is the Mystery Egg?

Is there treasure hidden within?

Fire breathing Mother of Life

What ritual unlocks the Gate?

Who tames the winged serpent?

Purify us in the sacred fire

Of turbulent change

That we receive the gift

Within the shadow


Accelerated climate change, natural disasters, pollution and rapid human consumption of resources have brought us as a society to a place of panic, worry and frustration over the looming destruction of the environment.  Most people live in either despair or denial over the gravity of the global situation―feeling that the problems are out of control or just too big to do anything. Waking the Blue-Green Dragon: Reveal the Self, Heal the Earth gives people a way to participate actively in healing the planet through creating shifts in their own consciousness. It shows in a practical way that cleaning up the inner environment first will lead to rapid and lasting improvements in the external world.

Since I began my meditation practice 30 years ago, I’ve observed that all efforts to “clean up” any issue in my external life began with working on my internal state. Through this strategy, I was able to beat a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, a disease that in most cases is a death sentence, and my health has steadily improved over the past fifteen years.

The idea of creating outer change through shifts in the inner state dates back over 5,000 years to ancient Vedic teachings, and also is a widely-accepted view in quantum physics and in shamanic practice. Our focus and where we direct our attention actually impacts what we see. For centuries shamanic practitioners have journeyed to inner worlds as a way of creating changes in the outer worlds.

In Waking the Blue-Green Dragon, I propose that we cannot solve our environmental problems with the attitude of attacking an outside force. To buy into the illusion that the pollution and environmental destruction we now witness is something outside of us and separate from us only prolongs and intensifies the problem.

It is ironic that even the well-meaning environmental activists may indeed be contributing to the problem by “fighting” to save the environment with an attitude of anger, frustration and dissension.

In Waking the Blue-Green Dragon, I call for a radical shift in consciousness which requires people to be responsible for their own inner state and acknowledge that our outer experience of pollution is a reflection of the polluted environment within each of us. Our endless hunger for material goods and comforts has contributed greatly to the issues we face today, but how many of us have examined the source of the hunger? How many of us have examined the internal holes we are trying to fill with such a sense of desperation that we would raid our Mother Earth until her cupboard is nearly bare and the beautiful, balanced ecosystem that has kept us thriving for eons is on the brink of collapse?

Waking the Blue-Green Dragon is an opportunity to let go of frustration and anger and discover how each one of us can become a part of the solution. The book guides readers through a process of inner reflection which leads to creating clarity and moving into meaningful action―direct action that anyone can take to make their own contribution to preserving and restoring the Earth’s environment, so it may be enjoyed by generations to come.

Here is a comment from Jean Hudon, author of The Immortal Child and Founder of Earth Rainbow Network

“I JUST TOTALLY LOVE the excerpt from your wonderful book!

The more I was reading it and resonating at a deep level with the crisp clarity of your simple, perfectly pitched and very spiritually grounded wisdom, the more my eyes were getting wetter and my heart was getting warmer…

This is a masterpiece and I’m thrilled you’ve been able to write this as it will be key in the coming weeks and months to get many more souls on the “right” track for greater spiritual awakening, more active commitment to help save the Earth through saving themselves and using their shadow self to dig at the Light hiding behind as you so nicely put. I know millions of people will be enthralled and elevated to greater soul clarity when they’ll read this book.”


Awakening The Heart’s Natural Love