A Prayer for the Year of the Horse

Mother Divine, thank you for all your gifts and for future gifts of abundance, love harmony and inspiration.

Divine Spirit, sacred life flowing in me and in all, Thou art my life, Thou are beauty.

Core Heart intelligence flows through the Earth: through the stones, the trees and plants, through the animals. You are present in every atom of creation. Come to me! Reveal Thyself through my Self.

I give thanks for all creation: the gemstones, the flower essences, the animal companions and the Spiritual Masters. 
Thanks to the ancestors who gave their lives as a sacrifice to the Infinite One to open the way for future generations. And I give thanks to those yet to come who will inherit this Earth when we are gone.

Love thanks and respect to all those who have sought and found the Peace and Bliss of Eternal Oneness, and to all those still searching, or lost in delusion. 

Bless us All, Divine Earth Mother Father Sky Golden Child heart with Strength of Mind and Purity of Heart as we proceed consciously or unconsciously on our path Home.

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