Find Your Self in the Chinese year of the Blue-Green Dragon

Welcome Home! The Earth Healing call on the Solstice was awesome! It was held at Noon PST and you may access the recording on the Earth Healing Page. What a wonderful feeling to Heal the Earth and our Self! Join me and many others in ushering in the New Light!!

My dear friend Be reminded me that 2012 is the Chinese year of the Dragon. Snake's message speaks of the winged serpent, an ancient symbol of Christ , aka Queztalcotl, the One who goes by many names. We may know and feel that 2012 is to be a year like no other. This is not because the world is ending, or we are "ascending" from the Earth, but because we stand on the brink of a New World. And it depends on a change in consciousness.

"Be the Change you wish to see in the world" as Ghandi said, is a daily practice of Core Awareness. In essence it is a Circle process that you begin in this moment. This new paradigm in Environmental Consciousness is embodied in the four phases of Transformation outlined by the Animals. To "eviron" is a transitive verb meaning: to form a circle or ring around. Forming a circle is an ancient way of defining boundaries, of protection, of healing Wisdom.

*Breathe into the Present
*Connect and Feel What Is
*Choose Free Will, Move into Action
*Now Let go, Allow Grace to Flow

This "New World" is inside us already. The Second Coming of Christ is the Rebirth of your Core Awareness which gives rise to the Awakening of the Heart's Natural Love. It is the Child Heart born anew in you! If this sounds esoteric or mysterious come on the healing call, or schedule a Core Awareness session and find out how simple it can be. Simple Presence opens the gate, Connection to you Source builds the Bridge for you to come Home to your Self.

Feel the spark of New Fire that is ignited Now. It is there inside to bring Courage, Endurance and Joy in the days ahead. Many come to the Gate and then fall back to sleep. Will you wake and find your own unique expression? Discovering your Gifts long hidden in the Shadows is like the return of the prodigal son. It is a return of Joy and Peace. Join me in Waking the Blue-Green Dragon, and Thanks for BEE-ing You!

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Awakening The Heart’s Natural Love