You Have the Strength, a Message from Bear

(Inspired by one of my client’s visions of Bear: swimming over a shimmering lake to a platform, Bear said “You have the strength to get there and when you do you will help many others.”)

I am Bear. The “shimmering lake” is the changeable vibration of the mental/emotional sea—water & light. In reality, the world you call real is a dreamscape of dancing shadows and light. The movement of Beings swimming through the sea of consciousness creates the waves of thought and emotion that you perceive as pleasure or pain, happy or sad, dull or vital.

You have the Strength to swim out to the platform of ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new Joy that sit in the center of the lake. To accomplish this you must feel the supporting vastness of the sea of cosmic consciousness which is closer than you think.

As I, Bear, take time to go into the Cave of Silence for hibernation and introspection, to must you dig deeper into the inner realm, into your real Self to discover your real nature of unchangeable Joy.

Once you feel that Joy your Presence will bless all People and all Nature. Your Presence and Awareness in the Core Heart of Oneness is the key to creating new solutions to the many problems of this world. You create positive change by diving into the sea of changelessness and carrying the Pearls of Wisdom and Peace back into the world of illusion.

Remember, the fact that life is a dream does not mean that “nothing matters.” There is a relative existence, a functional reality to this life whose highest purpose is to live in expanding love, the Source of all life, and to lead others home.

Thank You Bear

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  • Dearest BrotherFriend Pinetree: Thank you for this message as it is a powerful confirmation for me. I posted this message on my FB page this morning: I had a strange encounter in my meditation yesterday morning. I was listening to Burt’s Quantum Jumping CD regarding the healing spring journey….I was just planning on tuning up my energy field. As I went through the quantum doorway, in the meditation, I was met on the other side by a polar bear. The bear seemed the size of a small brown bear…quite a manageable size for my mind and stature…no fear here! I quickly noticed, even though he never made a sound, that this polar bear seemed very sad and afraid…and deeply, deeply contemplative. My new found companion stayed right by my side, as we followed Burt Goldman’s guided instructions on the QJ cd…..The polar bear even hugged a tree with me; very cool! Then, as we walked toward the healing waters, I noticed he seemed a bit bigger…Sure, I was OK with that…Smile! Then when we both kneeled down and touched the waters, and put the water on our faces, and even drank from them…I recall….the polar bear slowly stood up on his two hind legs….and oh my goodness he was big…tall…the size of a full grown heavy male polar bear!!!! I was totally in awe at the size and magnificence of him…I just thought “Wow!” Then the meditation was over. I came out of the meditation feeling deeply, overwhelmingly, sad for the polar bears….I heard a voice in my mind say “Behold the death of a species!” and then I remember the photo that one of you had posted on fb showing the polar bear stranded on a lone pillar of ice amid a sea of water; with nowhere to go….doomed to drown! Wondering how many of our brother and sister animal and plants are doomed to die; to become extinct in our live time…..Yes, I will have something to tell my great grandchildren as well look through a picture book about polar bears…I will be able to sadly boast that “I remember when we had polar bears on our planet!”…Witnessing sad, sad, / negative history in the making. P.S. A salute to those of you who have the calling and courage to be advocates for the animals and plant brothers and sisters of our dear planet Earth!

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